Miami Cuban Link Chain 10k (custom) - Necklace

Cuban Link Solid Gold Chain 10k (custom)


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This product is customized and begins to be manufactured once your order is completed, the estimated delivery time is between 20 and 25 days.
Solid gold Cuban-link “Grimal” chains are a registered trademark in the USA. The “Grimal” seal is a guarantee of the quality of the gold and the manufacture of the chain. Perfectly fitting “Grimal” clasps are a unique feature of our chains.

This chain is handmade, the final weight may vary by +/- 6 Grams. The difference is adjusted after manufacturing.

A Cuban link chain is a type of chain that is made up of interlocking links that are shaped like Cuban links. These chains are often made from gold, and the term “Miami Cuban link chain” refers specifically to chains that are made in the Miami area. 10k gold is a type of gold that is made up of 10 parts gold and 14 parts other metals and is therefore 41.7% pure gold. A Cuban link chain made from 10k gold would be a chain that is made of a gold alloy that is 41.7% pure gold, with the remainder being made up of other metals.

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