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14k Gold Virgen Caridad Medal



14k | 18.5 Grams | 2.5 inches

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14k Gold Virgen Caridad Medal

Experience the profound sense of divine presence with our 14k Gold Virgen Caridad Medal, a cherished accessory that carries deep spiritual significance. Meticulously crafted with 14k gold, this medal features the exquisite depiction of the Virgen Caridad, an iconic symbol of compassion and protection. The intricate design and the radiant gold combine to create an aura of reverence and faith. Whether worn close to your heart or given as a meaningful gift, our 14k Gold Virgen Caridad Medal becomes a cherished emblem of faith and guidance. Embrace the allure of this sacred piece and let it grace your life with a touch of divine beauty.

  • Exquisite craftsmanship: A mark of distinction
  • Spiritual symbolism: An accessory with reverence

An Emblem of Compassion: An Emblem of Protection

Adorn yourself with an emblem of compassion through our 14k Gold Virgen Caridad Medal, representing more than just a medal – it’s a symbol of protection and benevolence. The intricately detailed Virgen Caridad design and the gleaming gold radiate a sense of solace and divine presence. Embrace the captivating allure of this meaningful piece and let it become an essential accessory that offers comfort and serves as a reminder of the compassionate care that surrounds us.

  • Versatile fashion: From daily life to moments of reflection
  • Embrace the reverence: A touch of sacred elegance

A Gift of Spiritual Comfort: 14k Gold Virgen Caridad Medal

Celebrate spiritual connections with the gift of our 14k Gold Virgen Caridad Medal, a gesture that combines faith and sentiment. Its enduring beauty and spiritual design make it a meaningful present for religious occasions, milestones, or any moment that calls for a symbol of spiritual comfort. This precious medal becomes a cherished keepsake, representing the essence of faith and the calming presence of the divine. Embrace the reverent allure of our 14k Gold Virgen Caridad Medal and let it be a source of strength and beauty for you or someone you hold dear.

  • Sentimental symbolism: A gift of distinction
  • Embrace the spiritual connection: A token of solace