Virgen de la Caridad Gold Medal 10k
Virgen de la Caridad Gold Medal 10k
Virgen de la Caridad Gold Medal 10k

10k Gold Caridad Virgin Medal



46.7 Grams/10k/3 inches

Embrace Divine Protection with a 10k Gold Caridad Virgin Medal

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Introducing the 10k Gold Caridad Virgin Medal, a sacred and meaningful piece that invites you to embrace the divine protection and guidance of the Caridad Virgin. Crafted with reverence and precision, this medal is a powerful symbol of faith and devotion.

The Caridad Virgin, also known as Our Lady of Charity, is a revered figure in many cultures, representing compassion, love, and intercession. The medal showcases the image of the Caridad Virgin, capturing her serene presence and the depth of her spiritual significance.

Crafted from 10k gold, this medal exudes a radiant glow and enduring quality. The intricacies of the design reflect the meticulous craftsmanship that went into its creation, making it a cherished piece to be treasured for a lifetime.

Wearing this medal allows you to carry the divine protection and blessings of the Caridad Virgin with you. Whether as a personal talisman or a gift of faith to a loved one, this medal serves as a constant reminder of the presence of a guiding force in our lives.