Who We Are

Nestled in between the bustling neighborhoods of Little Havana and Coral Gables is Grimal Jewelry.

Tienda Grimal

A Few Words About

Our History

Founded by Angel Grimal in 2011 the store is sought out by celebrities around the world. It’s common for notorious rappers, athletes and reggaeton stars to visit. Grimal drips them in gold, unique designs, that are handmade. He specializes in the Cuban link chain. A signature series of loops that takes hours to make, made popular by hip-hop culture.

Grimal is an artist. He had been making jewelry since he was a child in Cuba. Osvaldo Garcia was the father to one of his friends and gave the young boys his old tools. Grimal would spend hours in a small wooden room, fiddling with the old fashioned tools.

These days he works with gold and diamonds but he still likes to create new things. Once he sees that a trend has taken off he switches things up. His clients enjoy coming to him not only because of the craftsmanship of the pieces, but he always has a surprise of something new and fresh. Recently he designed a custom pin featuring his logo and the colors of the United States of America.

Being in the states has given him a lot of opportunities and he loves this country.

“The United States has given me the opportunity to chase the American dream.”

In Cuba his business was limited. Due to the lack of internet he wasn’t able to reach as many. Now he is able to create for people all over the world. The best thing about what he does is seeing the joy in customers face when they get their piece.


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